Monday, July 19, 2010

Strategies for Succesful English Language Learning (SELL)

The FIRST book in Malaysia on learning how to learn English language effectively.

This book consists of 42 effective strategies for successful English language learning which can be employed by secondary school, college, university and adult ESL/EFL learners. They are specifically designed to assist learners to improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills as well as vocabulary and grammar enhancement.

Vocabulary Enhancement Strategies

Strategy 1: My Collocation Dictionary
Strategy 2: Vocabshapes
Strategy 3: Learning English through a Dictionary
Strategy 4: VocabCards
Strategy 5: My Vocab List
Strategy 6: Word-Builder Data System
Strategy 7: PVs

Grammar Improvement Strategies
Strategy 8: Learning Preposition through Stories
Strategy 9: Formula of SVA (1+S & >1-S)
Strategy 10: POST an A
Strategy 11: Formula of a Prepositional Phrase
Strategy 12: Word Search Game on Parts of Speech
Strategy 13: Colour Coding
Strategy 14: Determiners Flashcards
Strategy 15: Learning Adjectives through Songs
Strategy 16: Word Up!
Strategy 17: Plural Nouns
Strategy 18: Don, atT & MinY
Strategy 19: HIS, SN +S & WYTI, PN -S
Strategy 20: Which Comes First?
Strategy 21: TOWARDS MCP + Root Verb

Strategies for Improving Reading Skills
Strategy 22: Scanning & Questioning
Strategy 23: Cool Colourful Clues
Strategy 24: Concept Map
Strategy 25: What I Want to Know
Strategy 26: Making Meaning from a Text
Strategy 27: Get the Gist!
Strategy 28: The KWL Chart

Strategies for Improving Writing Skills
Strategy 29: Using Adjectives to Expand Writing
Strategy 30: My Photo Journal
Strategy 31: Essay Mind Map
Strategy 32: The Replacement
Strategy 33: Improvising Sentences
Strategy 34: Make Them Complex
Strategy 35: Learning from Mistakes

Strategies for Improving Speaking/Listening Skills
Strategy 36: Say It Right
Strategy 37: Record It
Strategy 38: Tell Me About It
Strategy 39: Phonetics for Life!
Strategy 40: Get It Right!
Strategy 41: Opinion Recipe Card
Strategy 42: Listen & Spell It

Written by distinguished educators and academicians, Professor Dr Mohamed Amin Embi of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and ESL lecturer Mohd Zaki Mohd Amin of Terengganu Teacher Training College. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Amin is a globally renown expert in the areas of language learning strategies, e-learning, mobile learning and CALL. His achievements include:

1. National Academic Award 2006.
2. Anugerah Melayu Cemerlang 2008.
3. ISESCO Science Laureatte 2010.
4. ISESCO Prize in Science and Technology 2010 (the only Malaysian).

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